Michael Cruz

Michael discovered yoga in 2013 hanging out with friends one night looking for something to do and came across a few yoga social media profiles. He attempted several poses that night, including a handstand that nearly ended up as a face plant into the floor, and has been practicing yoga ever since. Michael has cultivated an inversion practice since his yoga journey began, and he believes that learning how to safely experience life upside down provides a change in perspective that pushes past the limits we set for ourselves and allows us to let go of our fear and self doubt. He believes that handstands teach an enormous amount of humility and offer a unique opportunity to drop expectations of perfection and experience contentment and gratitude for where you are in your practice at the current moment. Michael works as an outpatient physical therapist in Plano and also enjoys acroyoga, slacklining, and other areas of movement arts and culture. He is currently pursuing his 200-hour yoga teacher certification through TYM, and you can follow his yoga journey on Instagram @yogi_mhc.