Liz Kong

Liz is still in love with her first flight. She found AcroYoga in 2013
at a jam hosted at The Yoga Movement, and since then, her passion
drives her to inspire life change through joyful play and healing
love. Liz is now a Certified AcroYoga Instructor and RYT-200hr. Liz
combines the glue of yoga not only as a physical practice, but a life
philosophy, with the strength of partner acrobatics and the
sensitivity of flying therapeutics. She is on a mission to share
AcroYoga as a life-parallel through building trust, connections,
community, safety, and healing. Liz is also a Registered Dietitian and
inversion/hand-balancing junkie. You can follow Liz’s journey with her
partner Max on Instagram: @MaxandLizAcro.