The Taste of Life


A whole-food, pant-based nutrition challenge!

You know it’s time for change, but it can be daunting to shift your eating habits!

Wellness experts Carl Mason and Jenny Hunter have made it easier than ever to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Once you get a Taste of Life, you’ll feel the healing benefits of whole-foods, plant-based nutrition.

The challenge Includes:
🌱 A Launch Party 🎉 to celebrate life!
🌱Inspiring stories and Q&A with Jenny and Carl
🌱7 day whole food based detox that will help reset your metabolism and prepare your body to absorb and apply the nutrients in the coming weeks.
🌱Weekly Meal Plan
🌱Shopping Lists
🌱Easy recipes
🌱4 free thirty minute Coaching Calls with Carl
🌱4 free yoga classes with Jenny

Benefits will include:
🌱weight loss
🌱reduced inflammation
🌱an alkaline body environment (that means healthy)
🌱better sleep
🌱more energy
🌱increased vitality
🌱sustainable lifestyle

Jenny lived for 17 years with the painful and debilitating effects of Rheumatoid arthritis, but now lives pain-free thanks to yoga and these nutrition concepts. Carl survived incurable cancer by implementing these strategies and is now a nutrition expert with a passion for helping people overcome wellness challenges. Together, their 30 years of experience in health and wellness is at your fingertips.

Only $89‼️

To join us, simply click the link and we will get you going!

Welcome Message

Welcome to The Taste of Life! We are so excited that you have joined us and cannot wait to see what you will achieve for a healthy, illness and disease free life.

During this journey, you are sure to discover food in a new way. A way that will empower life as you’ve never known it. A way that nature gave you as your birthright!

With recipes, daily tips, all day support and expert coaching, you WILL achieve great things if you choose to embrace it and apply it.

And don’t forget…you deserve this. So give yourself the gift of dedication in these 30 days and you’ll be amazed at the results!

Are you ready to dive in? 😉