Karla Gallegos

Karla also know as Kaa Gee, took her first yoga class at the age of 21, in March 2013 as a referral from a good friend after struggling with back pain for almost 3 years due to a car accident. Little did she know how quickly she was falling in love with the yogic practice. After practicing for a only a few months, Karla had seen her life get lighter and brighter, a conscious awareness she had never felt before. Being able to get out of bed with no back pain has been life changing to her.

She began her first teacher training in 2013 and received her 200 Hr. Hatha Yoga Certification in 2014. Since then Karla has continued her path to unlocking the powers to heal oneself. Her ambition and discipline to continue learning and growing, lead her to recently finishing her second teacher training under Jenny Parum and received her 200 Hr. Certification at the Yoga Movement in 2015.

Karla enjoys learning from various styles of yoga from vinyasa styles, Hatha, restorative, Acro Yoga, Thai Massage and much more. Karla’s passion is to inspire others to move freely with ease off and on the mat. By connecting movement and breath, we can connect the power and wisdom in our own bodies that create open hearts, self healing and love.