acromovementDeep StretchHatha YogaRestorative
This partner practice develops communication, trust, strength and stability in the air. Hone your skills in this structured class to learn to flow into transitions with grace and style! Come solo or bring a partner.
All Level class .

Must be 16 or older
This yin-inspired class focuses on deep release in the joints and tissues of the body. Postures are supported with props to encourage comfort and release, making the class ideal for athletes and still accessible to all levels, even the very beginner.Known for meticulous alignment, detailed instruction, and the use of props, to feel, get the direction of the pose, then lengthen the breath and time in the pose. No music, listen to the music of our breath. A slow and controlled class with lots of corrections, verbal, as well as, (optional) hands-on.Restorative; Release and receive. Trade obstacles in the mind and body for healing and balance: stress for calm, busy for stillness, anxiety for peace, and dis-ease for ease. Passive supported postures renew energy, bring balance, and deep relaxation. Appropriate for all levels. !
Move into MeditationSlow Flow with Deep StretchVinyasa Flow
Meditation in this modern day busy world can be one of the most beautiful and beneficial aspects of yoga many practitioners struggle with or shy away from. Focusing on both the body and the mind, Move into Meditation uses a modern approach to an ancient practice through movement and asana, bringing the body to a place of stillness followed by breathing exercises and meditation to take the mind from busy chatter to "one pointedness" or concentration.Beginner friendly postures are mindfully sequenced with the breath to build heat and strength, followed by longer holds and active stretches to encourage release between body and mind.Vinyasa means 'to place in a special way.' This thoughtful and creative class links breath with movement as you flow from one pose to the next. The smooth, continuous flow deepens breathing, increases endurance, balance and flexibility. If you are healthy you can do it.

Beginners Vinyasa Flow - This beginner flow class will teach alignment and structure giving new students a solid foundation.
Baby and Belly
This class is open to both pregnant bellies and postpartum moms with babies!

Belly Mommies: Open to women in all stages of pregnancy and yoga experience, the class will focus on poses and techniques that can ease the common ailments of pregnancy to help prepare for childbirth.

Baby Mommies: Open to women who are feeling fine at 6 weeks postpartum. Mommies who had a Cesarean-section should wait a little longer—8 to 10 weeks; check with your doctor or midwife. Babies can begin any time, and tend to enjoy the class until they are up and moving. You are welcome to feed your baby (by breast or bottle) any time during class in the studio, and to change baby’s diaper any time, too. Please bring a blanket for baby to lie on.
* Must sign-up online at least 1 hour before class
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