Bari Candy

At the age of just 17, I discovered yoga and studied with Ranjana Pallana in Dallas for one summer. I not only felt the benefits of the physical body, but I was able, even at that age, to connect the breath and the movement. I found an inner spiritual connection when I left each session. Yoga is a personal journey for each individual. Through Asana and breath, an individual practice begins. Asana is the movement and the breath is the guide. As we open the body through our breath, we release the stale oxygen that is dormant in our bodies. Awareness of the breath guides the refinement of postures and ultimately the moving meditation. By allowing the breath to channel into places of the body, a connection begins and mind-body awareness becomes one. In my class, I want to provide a space where my students can find the inner spiritual connection of yoga; a space where breath becomes them by connecting the asana to the breath and guides this personal, introspective and unique journey.